Transmission service, repair and replacements

Transmission problems can be associated with slipping gears, erratic shifting or the vehicle may not move at all. Never condemn the transmission solely because of these reasons. Many times our customers call with what appears to be a serious problem and it turns out to be something simple. Low fluid level, cable adjustments, and electronics are just a few of the areas that need to be checked.

Our trained technicians, will use the latest computer technology and tools to evaluate your transmission for free.

If an internal inspection is required we will, at that time, give you the price of a soft parts overhaul. However, because of the complexity of most late model vehicles, it would be unwise to condemn the transmission before it is evaluated.

Transmission Rebuilds

Forza Automotive can rebuild your existing transmission to manufacturer specifications at about half the cost of our competitors.

We are so confident that our rebuilds are superior to other shops that we back our rebuilds with a limited lifetime warranty on the transmission parts rebuilt, an industry first, and finest putting your mind to rest that a Forza Automotive rebuild is the best you can get.

Each transmission is disassembled, then it is meticulously cleaned and de-greased. All soft parts including seals, gaskets, filters and clutches are replaced and any hard parts that are damaged are also replaced. Adjustments and upgrades are also done.

Transmission lines and coolers are flushed and once everything is reassembled, and filled with the correct manufacturers specified fluid the vehicle is thoroughly tested. Our transmission techs have had over 20 years experience in transmission rebuilds.

Transmission Service

It is recommended that your transmission is serviced at the manufacturers specified intervals or when the fluid starts to break down and gets dirty. We service transmissions the correct way, we do not recommend transmission flushes, as these can cause all kinds of problems such as dislodging dirt and debris into the transmission causing premature failure. Many garages offer transmission flushes as a money making service with total disregard for the damage they may be doing. Many use the wrong fluids or just add additives to regular ATF. Our BG Synthetic Fluid Transmission Service will clean the transmission, replace all the fluid with the best full synthetic fluid on the market and continue protecting the transmission with a special conditioner. The transmission filter (if equipped) should be replaced only when the manufacturer recommends it. BG is so confident about the service, they actually underwrite a lifetime warranty on vehicles that have this service done for free. Please ask for full details.

Full synthetic BG transmission service for any vehicle

Includes free BG lifetime warranty on eligible vehicles
(not compatible with cvt)

only $249.99