Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your labor rate?
A. Our labor rate is $119 per hour. (Some specialty trades such as fabrication, machining, transmission tech and performance/race/exotics tech the labor rate may be higher)

Q. How do you know how many hours a job will take and how do I know that you just wont charge extra hours?
A. We use Alldata and/or Mitchell computer guides, these are industry standard guides that all reputable shops use. These guides not only provide an industry standard time to carry out most repairs, but also provide up to date tools, instructions, hints and tips, specifications and much more and will aid us in providing an estimate as accurate as possible.

Q. How come you have such a low labor rate?
A.We have low overheads.
A.We operate at 150% efficiency.
A.We love our customers, so we keep our customers.
A. Happy customers recommend us to new customers
A.We stick to a strict code of ethics.
A.We make more money by volume of work rather than over charging.

Q. How do I know you will do a good job?
A. Our mechanics and technicians have had over 60 years combined experience working on cars. Our master tech’s are ASE certified and keep up with a continuous training and educational program. We love cars, we restore them, we race them, and we have even been known to have built them, all for passion. Our shop is equipped with the most up to date computer diagnostics systems, tools, software and guides.

Q. What is your warranty?
A. Under most circumstances, your vehicle will be covered for 24,000 miles or 24 months NATIONWIDE! Please see our warranty page for full details.

Q. My vehicle is under the new car warranty, can you still service it without invalidating the manufacturer warranty?
A. Federal laws prohibit manufacturers requiring you to service your vehicle at the dealership to maintain their warranty, so your warranty will still be intact when we service your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specs, AND you will save more than half off the cost when we service it for you!

Q. Do you profit from parts and can I bring my own parts?
A. We buy parts at wholesale price and sell them at list price, this means that we do make a few extra dollars, but usually the price we charge is no more, and sometimes less than what you would get it for if you walked into the dealer to buy them. We do not install customer supplied parts as we cannot confirm or guarantee compatibility or quality, just like you would not walk into a restaurant with your own steak and ask them to cook it for you. The small profit we make on parts allows us to offer you a great nationwide warranty and peace of mind.

Q. Are there other fees
A. Sometimes we charge small fees for shop supplies, waste disposal, hazmat and tax. If a vehicle is not collected and paid for within 48 hours we will charge a $55 storage fee per day, so please let us know in advance if we need to keep the vehicle beyond 48 hours. There is a 3.5% fee for credit cards.

Q. What Payment methods do you accept
A. We accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Checks are accepted if they qualify through our merchant service. No credit check finance available through Afterpay, ask for details.