Forza Automotive can maintain your vehicle in accordance to the manufacturers recommended service levels and comply with manufacturers warranty at a fraction of the cost of what the dealerships charge.

Our state of the art computer diagnostics are free of charge, a service that most shops charge for. Our system is loaded with the latest U.S., European and Asian software so what ever vehicle you have, we can tell exactly what is going on.

In addition to manufacturers recommended service levels, we recommend oil changes at every 3000 miles or 3 months (6,000 miles or 6 months for Mobil 1), from around $25, this is one of the most inexpensive preventative measures you can take. With each oil change we also carry out a multi point check of your vehicle.

Oil Change Services:
includes top up all fluids, tire rotation and multi-point vehicle check. This is not just an oil change, it is a full 5k mile service. (We do not use conventional oil - we use synthetic blend or full synthetic oils which are much better)

•Synthetic Blend oil service $39.95 (up to 5 qts)

•Mobil 1 full sythetic oil service $29.95+ $7.99qt of oil

Add BG MOA service to any of the above for $19.95
( extra charge for special filters or extra oil on some vehicles)

Taxes/fees extra

Manufacturers Recommended Service Schedule

If you want the same service as performed by your vehicles dealer without the exorbitant price tag, then ask us to carry out a vehicle factory recommended service. Prices are vehicle and mileage specific.

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BG Services
Paint & Body
Forza Performance Flex Service $99.95

Forza developed this unique flexible service by combining many of the requirements of the top ten auto manufacturers including Mercedes, BMW, GM, Ford and Lexus and packaged it into an affordable flexible package suitable for any vehicle. The service will replace and exceed almost any manufacturers requirement and only needs to be done once every 12 months or 12k miles. The Forza Performance Flex Service includes but is not limited to a Mobil 1 oil change, tire rotation, top-up of all fluids, lube chassis parts, battery and charging system service, computer diagnostics and a 44 multi-point inspection which includes breaks, suspension, lights, AC, etc. It is the finest and most economical service for your vehicle.

Forza Synthetic Everything Service (SES)

If you want your vehicle to have absolutely the best, and extend its life to the maximum we recommend our SES (Synthetic Everything Service). Price and coverage is vehicle specific but typically includes changing the following fluids to synthetic :- Engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, differential and transfer case fluid and replacing the coolant with a long life non corrosive alternative.